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Pizza or pasta or whatever it is your love is what you should eat on your day. Andolini's will get you there with our proven track record of hundreds of successful weddings for happy couples.

The Smart Choice, The Fun Choice

Contact us now, and let's get this off your plate and onto ours. Contact Us for Catering
Andolini's Catering is a Tulsa Wedding Staple We've seen every type of Wedding at every wedding venue. We know what works and what doesn't. This is your day; trust the pros.
No one dreams of Chicken or Fish at their Wedding. Eat the food you fell in love eating and eat it with the ones you love for the day you declare your love.


People trust Andolini's Catering when they want more happiness and less stress at their Wedding. The three things that determine a successful wedding are the Music, the People, and what's served. We got you on the last one. And no, no one has ever loved or hated a wedding based on the centerpiece. Not once. Worry about what matters, and that's having a great time.

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