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"Top 10 Highest Rated Pizzeria in the U.S."
"10 places in the U.S. worth traveling to for pizza"
"Best Pizza in Oklahoma"
"Named on the list of the best pizza in every state for top-rated pizzerias"
"Named on list of best pizza in every state for top rated pizzerias"
What Is Catering? Catered means you don't worry about it, and we do. White-Glove service to ensure the right food is curated, at the right quantity, with a proper execution strategy. That we take care of, not you.
What Can I get Catered? Pizza and Pasta, no problem, but also charcuterie, bagels, Custom Gelato, and ANYTHING YOU WANT because we know how to cook. Making food is not our weekend hobby, it's our career, and we can make anything happen with advance notice.
"Proper Catering Means you relax while We worry about making you look good with set pricing, so you're never caught off guard."
Mike Bausch

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We don't determine the price per plate after seeing how big your engagement ring is. We price fairly off our menu offerings, not arbitrary price per plate figures.

"Our belief system is simple, be good to people, make the best thing you can make, and create as many jobs as possible."

Mike & Jim Bausch Founders and Owners
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